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Yuletide Chocolate Orange

Yuletide Chocolate Orange

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Keep the whole family feeling merry with a truly quintessential Christmas favourite. Taste the delicate layering of jammy orange enveloped in a rich chocolate coating, finished off with a glorious dusting of cinnamon spice, all perfectly recaptured in this festive black tea infusion. Tis the season to be jolly, indeed! (Each loose-leaf tea pouch comes with a FREE reusable tea filter bag!)


Tasting Notes: Woody, cocoa, juicy


Beauty Benefits: "This velvety blend is made with ingredients that naturally promote a brighter, clearer & smoother complexion."


- Decaffeinated Tea (0.2%)

- All Natural Ingredients

- 100% Vegan & Plant-Based

- No Refined Sugars or Sweeteners

  • Ingredients

    Decaffeinated Black tea (English Breakfast), orange peel, organic cacao nibs, organic cacao husks & organic cacao powder, organic rosehips, organic cinnamon, orange blossom, nutmeg and natural flavouring

    *May Contain Traces of Nuts & Other Allergens


    *Cacao contains naturally occurring stimulants, which can negatively affect sleep.

  • What is "Cacao" Powder?

    "The cacao tree is native to the Amazon Basin. But today, 70% of cacao is grown in West Africa.'

    "Robust in flavour, cacao powder comes directly from the Cacao tree, which fruits colorful pods filled with large Cacao seeds, called Cacao beans. When these beans are naturally fermented and cold-pressed Cacao Powder is the result. This process retains the living enzymes and removes the fat (cacao butter). '

    "Cacao powder contains more fibre and calories than cocoa powder since more of the nutrients from the whole bean are still intact."

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