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Our Story So Far...

The Tea Master

Ever since I was young, I've liked doing things a little differently. From choices like, how to cook and how to dress, to more formal ideas, such as, which mathematical method to use and how to write a bio for a website...Anyway, all I've ever wanted to do in life was put my own spin on things. After all, "curiosity has its own reason for existing," so I really shouldn't deny its presence.


Some say, however, that everything is supposed to be done a certain way - that there is no room for flexibility - and even though it does sometimes work to follow these rules, new ideas never came from accepting old ones blindly. Which is why I wanted to up the ante. I wanted to take this scene of unchallenged grey and inject some much-needed colour into it. And while some have seen this approach to life as "wrong" or "rebellious", I will always be ever-thankful to it. For it is down to this burning streak of creativity that a world of indulgent infusions would one day be brought to life...

An undeterred attitude and many kitchen concoctions later would soon prove that a super-healthy, entirely plant-based, 100% natural and free from refined sugars and sweeteners loose-leaf tea blend really could taste like a delicious dessert. Even better still, it could help perfect the skin, too!


You see, despite what some may say, there is always room for improvement. Life is constantly on the move. Nothing stays the same forever. You've got to change with the times. Which is why now, more than ever, I want you to fall in love with a range of delectable and velvety superblends that not only taste good but also do good.


It's time to start believing that experiencing the best of both worlds is possible. You can have it all.


So, what are you waiting for? Explore the online boutique for your favourite flavours and see how nature's finest offerings can indulge your senses too.

Founder of SaChasi

Oh, and if you're still wondering what SaChasi means, it's actually a little blend in itself - Sacha (my name) and Chasi (which means "tea master") = SaChasi...Sacha the Tea Master. Clever, eh? 

Enjoy your teas! 


Sacha x

(Founder of SaChasi)


Being healthy shouldn’t be boring, and more often than not, that’s how it’s associated.

This is why it became absolutely imperative to create something that spruced up that perspective and inspire something universally amazing…


Every confectionery-inspired infusion is made without sugar, sweeteners or anything refined. 

They're entirely plant-based, to capture purity and show how nature can still deliver indulgence. 

All teas also contain a blend of responsibly sourced ingredients & organic superfoods to craft a unique beautifying composition. 


Forget splashing the cash on expensive skin treatments or digging into guilt-inducing desserts and start putting the kettle on instead.

"Indulge your senses in earthy elegance..."

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