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Complexion Collection

Our teas are so much more than delicious dessert flavours. In fact, they also double up as skincare in a cup! Outlined by The 4 R's - Radiance, Rebalance, Renewal & Reparation, each elegant elixir has been specially curated with a uniquely nutrient-dense composition, which can help keep your skin at its most healthy (and your taste buds happy!) Who says you can't have it all?
Teas For Radiance
Increase your skin's natural glow with these brightening blends
Teas For Rebalance
Nourish your skin from within with these moisturising and mattifying infusions
Teas For Renewal
Promote a smooth and supple complexion with these exfoliating blends
Teas For Reparation
Restore your skin's natural vitality with a replenishing hand from these healing infusions
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